Immune Support Pack #2

Immune Support Pack #2

By: GreenVits

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Designed to help protect you against infection, reduce the severity of any illness and assist a swift recovery.

How to build your immunity

Flu Fighters is well worth reading to understand what to eat, drink and supplement to reduce the duration and severity of colds and viral infections when you are under attack.

It was written in February 2020 by Patrick Holford, a well-known nutritional therapist.

Vitamin C   is very helpful in assisting immune resilience, and dealing with heavy viral loads.

When you are fit and well you may only need 100 mg of Vitamin C, but when your body is stressed you may need 10 grams or more spread through the day.

Vitamin C has a short half-life in your body so you need to take it throughout the day

In his book FluFighters, Patrick Holford recommends these amounts of Vitamin C: 


- If at work:  3 grams a day - spread through the day - morning, mid-day and evening

- Not at work:  1 gram a day

If you have symptoms of Flu or a similar illness:

- Mild:  3-6 grams a day– spread through the day - morning, mid-day and evening

- Acute:  1 gram every hour


Vitamin D   plays a critical role in promoting immune response. It is mis-named, as it is a potent steroid pro-hormone that has both anti-inflammatory and immune-regulatory properties and is crucial for the activation of immune system defences.

To help your Immune System, Vitamin D strengthens your cells to make it harder for a virus to infect you through your eyes, lungs and mucus membranes.  It helps reduce the pro-inflammatory cytokines and also improves your adaptive immunity and ability to produce antibodies against a virus. 

The Call-To-Action from 40 Vitamin D experts suggests that you boost your blood level of Vitamin D to 100-150 nmol/L as fast as possible.

Vitamin D has a half-life in the body of 14-30 days, so you can take it daily, or an equivalent amount once a week


Zinc   helps to regulate the immune system and its innate antimicrobial activity.

Zinc has a half-life of 2 days in the body, so you can take 1 capsule a day


Immune Support Pack #2 provides:

Book:  FluFighters, by Patrick Holford

Vitamin C:  180 vegetable capsules each containing 1 gram of Vitamin C that are easy to swallow or dissolve in water

Vitamin D:  120 vegetable capsules of 100 micrograms ( 4,000 IU ) of Vitamin D3 that are easy to swallow or dissolve in water

Zinc:  100 vegetable capsules of 50 grams of Zinc Picolinate ( Zn-50 ) that are easy to swallow or dissolve in water


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