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Fatty Acid Test

By: Norsan-Omega

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Norsan-Omega Fatty Acid Test Kit measures your individual fatty acid profile based on a blood sample from your fingertip. This blood analysis is designed as a self-test with all the  necessary components included in the test-kit.

The blood sample is analysed by a leading European lab and ensures high stability and accuracy of the test result.

The test report includes key healthcare ratios such as:

  • Omega-3 Index: Indicates the percentage of marine omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA in relation to the total fatty acids. An Omega-3 Index above 8% is recommended. 
  • Omega-6/3 Ratio: Indicates the ratio between omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, which contribute decisively to the formation of inflammation in our body. A high Omega-6/3 Ratio suggests an undesirable level of inflammation.
  • Industrial Trans Fat Level: Industrial trans fats do not naturally belong in our body and industrial trans fat harms the cells. The Industrial Trans Fat Level should be low and ideally below 0.50% of total fatty acids.

Read more about the Omega-3 Index at:


The above ratios are based on the measurement of a total of 26 fatty acids which constitute more than 99% of the fatty acids in your body

  • Easy-to-do bloodspot sample

  • Best practice lab analysis procedure -> high stability of test results

  • Easy-to-understand test report with clear therapeutic advice with respect to individual diet

  • Price includes the complete do-it-yourself at-home test kit, lab analysis and test report

  • Here is a sample report - with Inflammation
  • Here is a sample report - without Inflammation 

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